By Car:

From the Highway A1: direction towards Rome or Firenze 
If you are coming from the highway A1 Exit: Orte: once you exit in the direction to Orte, follow the directions for Viterbo and as soon as you pass Orte residential area turn left towards the direction “Vasanello”  (You are going to see on your left a gasoline station and after 30 meters a traffic light. Right after the traffic light turn left again and follow the directions towards Vasanello).Once in the village Vasanello go straight on the road following the directions towards Vignanello until you reach “località Centignano”. The Commenda of the Knights of Malta is  very visible after the roundabout on the right.

From S.S. Cassia
For those who are coming from Rome: on the Cassia (direction Viterbo), once arrived at Monterosi turn right towards direction Nepi and then follow the directions straight for  Fabrica di Roma. Once arrived in Fabrica di Roma, turn right and follow the directions for Vignanello (8km). Once in Vignanello follow the directions for Vasanello for about 4,0 Km until you reach Località Centignano. The Commenda of the Knights of Malta is  very visible before the roundabout on the left.

By Train:

The closest train station is “Orte” and then from here it is 15-20 minutes by car. There are also buses available from here  (see COTRAL spa website for timetables and information).

However, upon prior notice and request, it is possible to ask for a driver to accompany you to and from Fiumicino airport in Rome and to and from Orte Station.

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Commenda dei Cavalieri
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