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Ruspoli Castle in Vignanello (about 3 km distance)

Besides visiting the magnificent Castle with its fascinating history you will be able to visit  one of the most beautiful and unique gardens of the Renaissance period of “giardini all’italiana” or Italian gardens.


Soriano nel Cimino (about 8 km distance)

This charming medieval village lies around The Orsini Castle, with many narrow streets intersecting  with each other. This characteristic little town is also close to a wonderful forest, “La faggeta” that is connected to all the surrounding towns, special treat for those loving nature…


Viterbo (about 18 km distance)

This beautiful medieval city founded by Etruscans was the residency of the popes in the 12thand 13th century. The popes were elected in the gothic Papal Palace or Palazzo dei Papi. Viterbo is alsovery well known and loved for its hot springs bullicame. There are many facilities and thermal water refined spas, as well as “natural” hot pools in the middle of country fields. Also very romantic and beautiful to experience at night while watching the stars immersed in this healing hot water!

Not to miss is Santa Rosa, every year in the beginning of September this gigantic illuminated structure (30 meters high!) is carried through the streets of the city by “very strong” local men.


Bomarzo (Il parco dei mostri) (about 18 km distance)

And here “All reason departs” as it is written in the “Mouth of Hell”, one of the many off the ordinary statues of this extraordinary park. Prince Pier Francesco Orsini commissioned architect Pirro Ligorio to do this "Villa of Wonders" which is now called the “Park of the Monsters” or Parco dei Mostri as it’s filled with strange yet fascinating sculptures for which story lies between mythology and fantasy.


Villa Farnese – Caprarola (about18 km distance)

Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (the grandson of Pope Paul II) commissioned Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola, very influenced in his youth by the great Michelangelo, as the architect of this villa. One of the finest examples of Renaissance and mannerist architecture which details decorating the rooms, such as the frescos expressing the glory of the Farnese family, and the garden, tell incredible stories of the rich past of this family.


Villa Lante-  Bagnaia (about 19 km distance)

Villa Lante is definitely one of the most famous Italian Mannerist and Early Baroque gardens of the 16th century, example of the best time in  history for garden design. It was created by the same architect of Villa Farnese, Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola. The two villas reflect the time and style of the period but are very different. Impressive gardens with stunning fountains, all set in different floors and themes. A must see in Viterbo!


Lago di Vico - Vico Lake (about 23 km distance)

This marvelous lake surrounded by the Cimini hills, Fogliano and Venere, is also full of little paths off the beaten track immersed in green landscapes and woods. Also wonderful and romantic program is to rent a pedal boat and stay the whole day enjoying the various spots and peacefulness of this lake.


La via Francigena (different options available, from Viterbo it´s about 20 km distance)

As the old saying goes: “All roads lead to Rome… “ .This very ancient road was extremely important in Medieval times as it was the road that connected central Europe to Rome. It is now a pilgrimage route as well for people who want to discover the beauty of this voyage full of history and uncontaminated nature.


Narni (Umbria) (about 32 km distance) 

How lucky to be positioned just in the very center of Italy. This fascinating ancient hill town and its landscapes even captured the interest of the famous novel writer Lewis, the creator of “the chronicles of Narnia”. Don’t miss a visit to Narnia underground!


Calcata (about 38 km distance)

This secret gem on top of  a rock inspires many artists from around the world for its peaceful and magical atmosphere where time seems to have stopped just right here.


Civita di Bagnoregio (about 49 km distance)

On top of a hill lies this true fairy tale ancient village. You will not see something so special anywhere else.  It is also called “the dying city” as gradually, over the centuries, erosion and earthquakes have drawn away part of its land. The views across this rock island – or “ghost town” for its special vibes and silence- are absolutely breathtaking.


Lago di Bolsena (about 51 km distance)

If you want to enjoy beautiful landscapes and panoramic views take a visit to this beautiful lake of volcanic origin which also happens to be one of the biggest lakes in Italy (115 km2). Besides swimming or sunbathing, you can also look into the many activities around the area such as fishing, sailing or scuba diving!


Tarquinia e Tuscania (about 50 and 70 km distance)

An historic voyage into the past and into one of the most important and ancient Etruscan civilizations. Don’t miss the town’s necropolises, the ancient historical center of Tuscania and the beautiful Roman Basilica of San Pietro.


Lakes: Bracciano and Martignano (about 42 and 52 km distance) 

Both lakes of volcanic origin, Bracciano, bigger and majestic and Martignano, more secreted and hidden, only reachable through a little charming country road immersed in wonderful wild nature and peaceful country sounds. It´s worth to pay a visit to the three cities around the lake, Bracciano, Anguillara and Trevignano as they all offer very nice restaurants and small cafes overlooking the lake where to enjoy beautiful picturesque views. Besides sunbathing and swimming, there is also a variety of water activities around the area you can look into, such as windsurf, sailing, kayak, stand-up paddles and more...


Orvieto (Umbria) (about 62 km distance)

Just off the freeway between Florence and Rome lies one of the most antique cities in Italy sitting peacefully on its volcanic tuff. Don’t miss to visit the Cathedral “The Duomo” a perfect example of roman-gothic architecture  and the “Cappella del Corporale” – Chapel of the Corporal , rich of history and culture.


The Cascata delle Marmore  (Marmore Falls)(about 68 km distance)

The Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore's Falls) is a man-made waterfall made by the ancient Romans. Its total height is 165 m, being one of the tallest waterfalls in Italy and the tallest man-made waterfall in Europe. A legend on the origins of the falls says that once upon a time there was a nymph called Nera who fell in love with a handsome shepherd named Velino.  There love was so strong that it enraged the goddess Juno. She became so jealous that she transformed the beautiful nymph into a river that carries her name. Velino at that point who didn’t want to lose his beloved jumped off the Marmore cliff into the Nera river to be with her forever. Therefore the falls were created as a lasting memory of Nera and Velino's love for each other.  This jump is nowadays repeated by the many visitors of the Marmore Falls…


Spoleto (Umbria) (about 69 km distance)

Famous writer Herman Hesse wrote on a postcard to his wife saying: “Spoleto is the most beautiful discovery I made in Italy, there’s such a wealth of beauty almost unknown, mountains, hills, oak forest, monasteries and waterfalls!”. Don’t miss Spoleto Festival! Every year between June and July, Music, dance, theater and all arts of  performance are combined for a unique cultural interchange between Italy, America and Europe..simply amazing!  


Todi (Umbria)(about 83 km distance)

Enchanting medieval city just above a cliff (400 m high) dominating the Tiber Valley. A nice program could be to spend some time exploring the wonderful tastes that Umbria has to offer and enjoy some wine and typical food around the area. Don´t miss the "Tempio di Santa Maria della Consolazione".


Porto Santo StefanoPorto Ercole  and Argentario (Tuscany) (about 120 km distance)

If you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the gorgeous Tuscany you must pay a visit to Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and the exclusive area of Monte Argentario, where translucent aquamarine water in rocky beaches make it a dream destination for those who know these places. From Porto Santo Stefano boats depart to go to the “isola del Giglio” a beautiful island with stunning water and beaches.


Assisi (Umbria)(about 135 km distance)

This small town is specially known for being the birthplace of St. Francis of Assisi, one of the most popular saints in Italy and patron of the Country. The Roman ruins, the lovely medieval streets and sacred shrines make this place one of the most popular destinations among catholic and religious pilgrimages. Not to miss is the marvelous Basilica di San Francesco (where St Francis is buried) where you can also see wonderful frescoes of his life and the Basilica di Santa Chiara (where the tomb of Saint Clare is).


Rome (about 65 km distance)

How to describe one of the most unique cities in the world, full of romanticism, history, beauty, and unparalleled culture…It’s simply magical!

"Roma Caput Mundi" as we would say it in Latin… "capital of the world" or literally: "Head of the world" because of the enduring power of the Roman Empire and Roman Catholic Church, Rome has been known for centuries as Caput Mundi. From the famous St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, to the Imperial Fora (Fori Imperiali) passing in front of the Colosseum and heading towards the Pantheon full of beauty and history. Not to mention then Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in the world, and the experience of throwing a coin for a good wish into the Trevi Fountain….just like in the movies.. all of this and even more in this absolutely marvelous city where beauty is discovered.. just around any corner!


For further information please visit the official tourist websites of the cities you would like to visit as reference information points for all itinerary guides, opening hours and possibilities of excursions etc.


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