The Commenda of the Knights of Malta is also the perfect place if you want to organize a wedding without the stress of having all the guests move around from place to place.

In the church that overlooks the courtyard it is possible to organize the wedding and then have the following ceremony reception in the garden or in the terrace or even inside the Commenda, where the bride and bridesmaids can choose to stay overnight in the suites upstairs to prepare for the event.

We also have a selection of catering services recommended for the organization of exclusive events who would take care of everything, including  the  flower arrangements, the music, the colors and  the scents you desire for the occasion.

The Commenda is also available for private parties, meetings, or artistic exhibitions and photographic shootings.


The Commenda of the Knights of Malta

Località Centignano

Vignanello - (Viterbo)

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